Do you want to hire an instrumental or vocal ensemble?

It is possible to hire an ensemble from Bragi! 

This can be a string quartet, but also a chamber choir or other chamber ensembles. At the moment, we are working on building some core repertoire that we can play at any occasion at request. For example, a string quartet to be used for various events and receptions as background, at weddings or as musical flourish. The music can be determined in collaboration with you and the musicians, and we do not shy away from requests! The repertoire consists mostly of classical pieces and arrangements of classical or more modern types of music. 

If you are interested in hiring an ensemble, whether vocal or instrumental, or if you want to ask a question about hiring, please let us know via the contact form down below. The price is determined based on duration of the performance, intensity of the pieces and size of the ensemble.

Contact us:

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