About us:

The association was founded in 1882 and consists of about 100 members divided over 3 ensembles: the symphony choir, orchestra and a-capella choir. With this, we are the biggest and oldest student music association here in Groningen. Every ensemble has weekly rehearsals, mostly seperate, though the orchestra and symphony choir join up towards the end of the season to practice their joint piece. Bragi performs multiple concerts every season, customarily in December/January and June, in and around Groningen, with an interesting repertoire each project. Besides the regularly scheduled programming, the association sometimes plays on special occasions such as the ceremony of handing out honorary doctorates for the University of Groningen, or collaborations with other choirs and orchestras.

Aside from the regular weekly rehearsals, every ensemble also has its own rehearsal weekends. These are always very productive, musically, but also socially, as we manage to make it a lot of fun as well. These are the perfect opportunity to get to know each member a little better -whether you are an older or a newer member. In general Bragi has a good, “gezellige” atmosphere and we like to enjoy ourselves with music and other activities. After every rehearsal we make time to head to our regular pub (the Kroeg van Klaas) for a beer and a chat -sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. We also organize drinks and parties at the end of each season (or just because), where members sometimes reveal a whole new side of themselves! Other activities such as open mic nights, jam sessions and sail weekends in Friesland are also organised yearly. 

Within Bragi there is a large number of people active and busy with organising these sorts of activities. Enthusiastic sections within the choirs or the orchestra also plan their own events besides their usual section rehearsals. On top of all this, the association travels abroad every two years! Not only to have fun, but also to give concerts, or join festivals and competitions. In recent years Bragi has visited (amongst other places) Budapest, Antwerp, Belfort, Tuscany, Segovia, Warschau, Krakow, Zagreb, Bologna, Bratislava and Berlin. To name a few.  

Let it be clear that Bragi is a place for beautiful music as well as a good time! In short: the perfect place to spend your time as a student. Are you enthusiastic about joining the orchestra or either/both choirs? Send us an email and join up!

If you would like to support Bragi, you can sponsor us, put up an advertisment or become a Friend of Bragi!

Photo: Arjen de Boer

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