The Symphony Orchestra

The symphony orchestra of GSMG Bragi has existed for over 100 years. In this time it has varied in size; from a string ensemble to a full symphony orchestra. It gas also know many conductors. The orchestra currently consists of around 30 students motivated to make music. As of September 2016 the orchestra is conducted by Alexander de Blaeij.


The programme for the concerts in December will be:
  • C. Debussy: Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune
  • S. Prokofiev: Montagues and Capulets (Dance of the Knights) (selectie)
  • W.A. Mozart: Clarinet concerto in A major, mvt. II: Adagio
  • M. Helder: Commissioned piece
  • C. Debussy: Nocturnes, no. 3: Sirenes
The programme for 2020 will be:
  • Easter concert:
    J.S. Bach: Matthäus Passion
  • Summer concert (in June):
    F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Hör mein Bitten
    A. Bruckner: Symphony no. 4, ‘Die Romantische’

Each season there are two rehearsal weekends: one for only the orchestra and one together with the symphony choir. These weekends are good for the musical quality, but also bring about a lot of fun and a healthy amount of sleep deprivation. Since 1999 the orchestra has been going abroad as well.  In December 2003 the orchestra of the Technical university in Budapest invited Bragi to visit, and in May 2005 the orchestra and symphony choir took part in an international festival in Belfort, France. In the following years the association has travelled to Tuscany, Madrid, Poland, Croatia and Italy. Two years ago, GSMG Bragi partook in the International Youth Music Festival in Bratislava, where it has won silver and gold medals. In 2019, the association went to Berlin and Krakow, and played at some incredible locations in both cities. The association has established the tradition of going abroad every two years with all its members, where there is a lot of music, and a lot of culture and beer.


Audio fragments

Fragment from Scheherazade (Rimski-Korsakov), December 2018

Fragment from Scheherazade (Rimski-Korsakov), December 2018

Fragment from Mahler's 4th Symphony, December 2017

All audio © Recordare

Practical Information


If you have decided you would like to be a member of our student orchestra, you will be invited to audition. You can audition at the beginning of each project, but it is possible to discuss other possibilities. The audition consists of getting to know you as a player, after which you will be asked to play some fragments of music as available on the site, and a piece of your own choosing. During the audition the conductor, concertmaster and section captain will be present. After your audition you will usually immediately be told whether you are accepted. We currently have the following openings in the orchestra:

  • violin (1st and 2nd)
  • Viola
  • Double Bass
  • Cello
  • 2nd oboe
  • Bassoon
  • French horn
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Tuba
  • Timpani


Vacancies principal 2nd violin and principal viola

We currently have vacancies for principal second violin and viola. If you wish to audition for principal, you’ll have to prepare both the regular audition fragments for your instrument and the fragments for the position of principal. 

Audition fragments for the academic year 2019-2020:

French horn


Audition fragments principals

2nd violin


The orchestra rehearses every Monday evening from 7:30 till 10:15 p.m. at the Oosterkerk in Groningen


E.Thomassen á Thuessinklaan 1

9713 JP Groningen

Open rehearsals:

You are welcome to come take a look and play along on every regular rehearsal. Together with us you can plan an audition, and depending on the time you’ve decided to join, we can see whether you can play along with the concert.

No instrument, but you would like to play along?

Do you not have an instrument of your own available but would you like to play along? No worries! Bragi is joined with the Music Instrument Fund in Groningen and therefore has some violins, violas, double basses and a few wind instruments at its disposal. These instruments can be hired without charge upon membership with Bragi. For more information on this possibility, send an email to [email protected] 


Mail: [email protected],  

Phone number: +31626745949