A-capella choir

The A-capella choir is the youngest part of the association Bragi as it has been founded in 1968. The choir consists of about fifteen members on average and is conducted by Rein de Vries. The a-capella choir has two seasons per academic year, performing a programme in January and another one in June. The programme is generally divided into 4 blocks, with different style periods ranging from early renaissance to 21st century.

In September 2021 we hope to start again with rehearsals. The programme will be a selection of ‘greatest hits’, such as Lamento d’Arianna from Monteverdi and Jesu, meine Freude from J.S. Bach.

Next to performing in the Netherlands, the choir regularly travels abroad to sing! In recent years the a-capella choir has been to Belgium, Poland and Denmark, and it has seen Germany three times! During their trip to Eastern Europe, the a-capella choir won gold at the International Youth Music Festival in Bratislava. This summer, the choir has joined the rest of the association to a trip to Berlin and Krakow. 

The a-capella choir has partaken in the ‘Pythische Spelen’ thrice; a cultural competition for students all across the Netherlands. Here, the choir has come in second, and twice first place. In June 2004 the choir won the audience prize and got placed second during the Schütz-festival competition in Hoorn. 

The a-capella choir is also available for hire to sing at various occassions, with a wide repertoire. For more information concerning hiring the choir, please contact acapellakoorcommissaris@bragi.nl or acquisiteur@bragi.nl 


Practical Information

Openings in the choir:

From September onwards the a-capella choir will commence rehearsing a new programme for their concerts in December and January. Are you interested in singing with the a-capella choir? You are welcome to come to a rehearsal and take a look! If you want more information on the open rehearsals or the choir in general, send an email to acapellakoorcommissaris@bragi.nl. We are currently looking for basses.


To get a spot in the choir, an audition is required. These take place in September and February. This audition will test your vocal range, rhythmical skills, sight-reading and your ability to sing notes by ear. Present during the audition will be the conductor, Rein de Vries, and a member of the choir. Obviously, we also hope to hear you sing with enjoyment! After your audition you will usually immediately hear whether you have been accepted into the choir. It is no problem if you want to join a rehearsal or two before deciding whether you want to audition and join the a-capella choir.


The a-capella choir rehearses every Wednesday evening from 7:30 until 10 p.m. in the Old Forum (Hereplein 73). Each season there is a rehearsal day or weekend.

Open rehearsals:

You are welcome at any rehearsal to come take a look, join in the singing and find out whether you would like to come and join the choir!



Mail: acapellakoorcommissaris@bragi.nl

Phone number: +31 6 57272297